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About Oseham Ltd.

For over 11years Oseham has time after time performed with honor whilst advocating moral business conducts both nationally and internationally. We consider that it is through the moral and socially accountable conduct of each and every one of our employees that we can guarantee every phase of our business operates to the highest standards. Our guiding morality of employee beliefs and the accountability of our employees to act in agreement with high moral standards is detailed in our Code of Conduct. This Code forms part of all our contracts of employment. As we grow and develop into new businesses and regions, and continue to build a record of continued growth, we are loyal to maintaining and strengthening our reputation for lawful and moral conduct.

With Oseham it goes without saying that we are committed to ensure we deliver the best. In doing so we insist on performing with integrity at all times. Any failure to comply with our Code of Conduct and Employee morals obligations is taken very seriously and is deal with in accordance with our internal procedures.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Board of Directors and staff are totally committed to the implementation and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management Systems governing our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Codes of Practice. These systems are living documents that are continually reviewed and improved in line with industry best practice. First and foremost the guarantee of the health and safety of our employees and of all those effected by our construction operations is an absolute pre-requisite to conducting any work at any time.

Quality Control

Oseham Company Ltd (OCL) has completed their quality management systems and is confident in all project work .That all of our activities are carried out to the highest possible standards and that building projects are: Built in accordance with contract specification and drawings, In compliance with Building Regulations, In compliance with statutory requirements, In conformity with industry best practice, In compliance with Planning Conditions, where applicable, Completed to the satisfaction of the Design Team and Clients.

It's a team effort

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John Ossei Boating

Company founder

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Albert Dodoo

Marketing Manager

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Edward Frimpong

Electrical Engineer

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Gifty Ossei Boating


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Ransford Adom

Geodetic Engineer


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We are located at 14 Otanor Rd. Adjiringano.

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